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[PowerCLI] Show ESX cluster CPU/Mem averages

As a follow-up on my earlier [PowerCLI] Report ESX vCPU vs pCPU & Memory ratio script, I created a script that only shows average CPU and Memory usages per Cluster. This brief cluster overview is (for example) usable for management reporting. See [PowerCLI] Report ESX vCPU vs pCPU & Memory ratio for more information about […]

[PowerCLI] Change DefaultPSP and SATP/PSP for every lun on every host

Changing the default Path Selection Policy (PSP) on every host can be time consuming challenge, after that you also need to change the PSP on every lun on every host. In the past you needed to SSH login to every host and change the settings “manually”, but there is also a PowerCLI way to do […]

[PowerCLI] Report ESX vCPU vs pCPU & Memory ratio

Here is a script that will show you 3 things per host: 1. vCPU:pCPU ratio, 2. Host Memory Granted, 3. Host Memory Used. It will count all the vCPUs on a host and the (physical) pCPUs, the vCPU differed by pCPU is the ratio. The vCPU:pCPU should in my opinion be: High CPU load environment […]

[PowerCLI] Check Ballooning vCenter wide (quick)

I used the Check Ballooning script allot in the pasted, the script can be found on many blogs and sites. I simply adjusted the script so it would also show Compressed Memory. Why add “Compressed Memory”?, it gives a extra dimension to the ballooning an swapped values. Compressed Memory tells you how memory intensive the […]