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[PowerShell] Freeware script editor comparison

Having a PowerShell script editor that helps you in with your task at hand improves your speed and quality enormously. This is for PowerShell beginners and even for expert users. I myself started with MS Notepad as my PowerShell editor, it’s fast but there are zero features that help you. Soon I switched over to Notepad++, a fast and simple editor with syntax support/highlighting for PowerShell.

Nowadays I also need debug support for the big and complex scripts, there are many varieties of script editors that have debugging. I choose PowerGUI (Quest/Dell) as my script editor with debug capability, also because of the PowerPacks that are created by their community. PowerPacks are pre-built scripts with customizable interfaces, for example the VMware Community PowerPack gives a management console for your daily VMware tasks.
Not to forget the Microsoft very own Windows PowerShell ISE, I’m not a huge fan. PowerShell ISE is fast and has debugging, still it lacks the community hooks and has less features than PowerGUI.

MS Notepad, used when a better editor is not available:
Notepad++, replaces MS Notepad and gives great inside in to any script:
PowerShell ISE, fast but missing features:
PowerGUI, great for editing big and complex scripts:

More PowerShell script editors, this is my selection.

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