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[PowerShell] Getting started with Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration – Part 2 – Pull Server

After the introduction with DSC I got exited of possibilities, so what’s next? Setting up a PS DSC Pull Server is the next step. I had some issues with the Pull Server installation on Windows 2008 R2, so I try to keep it simple and deployed a Windows 2012 R2 server. Maybe I will try […]

[PowerShell] Getting started with Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration – Part 1

I recently started with PowerShell DSC, this post is to get you up to speed. Last year Microsoft announced Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) as part of PowerShell v4 during TechEd North America. DSC is a very cool new feature that lets administrators write a declarative “script” that describes what a computer should look […]

[PowerShell] Freeware script editor comparison

Having a PowerShell script editor that helps you in with your task at hand improves your speed and quality enormously. This is for PowerShell beginners and even for expert users. I myself started with MS Notepad as my PowerShell editor, it’s fast but there are zero features that help you. Soon I switched over to […]

[PowerShell] AD enable UNIX Attributes

When using Active Directory and UNIX Attributes (User/Group Unique Identifiers) the first thing you need is the Identity Management for UNIX Components. Now you are ready to start using UNIX Attributes. Adding UNIX Attributes to every user and group in your domain, using PowerShell. Get every user that already has UNIX Attributes enabled, only change […]